Wacoal big bazaar Wacoal big bazaar

Wacoal big bazaar

It is finished at 6:00 p.m. on the last day of the (Mon/substitute holiday) for (Wed) -30 days on April 25, 2018
 Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall

※Price varies according to size.
※Size constitution varies according to design KOLOR.
※Forgive O torioki KI in telephone, order.
※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.
※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer.
※There are individual differences in effect of function.

Lingerie, functional brassiere & Panties

Lingerie,Functional Brassiere & Shorts

Substantial lineup that was particular about functionality and design


We send the volume of bust which is easy to flow aside to the center and make bust neatly.

Volume make Bra 3,780 yen
Panties 1,080 yen

douche brassiere Panties

New item of springlike KOLOR. Lifting sheet finishes to fluffy bust.

From brassiere 5,184 yen
Panties 1,944 yen


Popular design which features refreshing atmosphere. We play an active part in coming season.

Camisole 2,484 yen
Flare panties 2,700 yen

Rumie MA RU breast Bra Panties

MA RU breast Bra 4,320 yen
Panties 1,296 yen


Slender Bra 3,780 yen
Panties 1,080 yen

Rumie hotchpotch advance Bra

Hotchpotch advance Bra for each 4,320 yen

Rumie posture Bra chest MO and refreshing Bra chest KO THI

a <Rumie> posture Bra 4,320 yen

b <fureshii> chest MO and refreshing Bra 4,104 yen

c <fureshii> chest KO THI 3,780 yen



We send by lineup only by Isetan

simone PERELE brassiere Panties

Brand which continues being loved by beautiful design and delicate finish by woman of Paris.

<simone PERELE>
Brassiere 5,724 yen (with strap)
Panties 3,564 yen

HANRO Camisole Panties

Swiss Underwear brand. It is good-quality feel to enslave person wearing.

Camisole 6,264 yen
Panties 3,780 yen

Girdle & Body Suit


Well-controlled beautiful style


<fureshii> Girdle
Navy 2,700 yen
Mocha 3,780 yen


<fureshii> Body Suit 7,020 yen



Several constant seller items which I come to want


<fureshii> Underwear
Sleeveless 2,160 yen
Short-sleeved 2,592 yen


<fureshii> Panties for each 1,080 yen



We are relaxed in favorite wear

Le bijoux tops bottoms

<le bijoux> tops 3,132 yen bottoms 3,132 yen


Nightwear 4,968 yen

Men's Nightwear

(left) Men's Nightwear 5,292 yen
(right) Nightwear 4,968 yen

Kids' & Maternity Clothing


Function for comfort & Maternity Clothing for kids

Boy Pajama girl Pajama

(left) Boy Pajama 3,780 yen (95-170cm)
(right) Girl Pajama 4,104 yen (95-165cm)

Fairy tiara teens brassiere

<fairy tiara> teen's brassiere for each 1,944 yen

<lure no re>
Before childbirth after giving birth combined use brassiere 3,564 yen
Before childbirth Girdle 4,104 yen

Maternity Clothing Nightwear

Maternity Clothing Nightwear 4,860 yen

●Girl tops Underwear 1,296 yen
●Girl Panties 540 yen
●From boy tops Underwear 756 yen
●From boy bottoms Underwear 648 yen

Ladies' Lingerie in large size is available, too

Today's service

※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.

25 (Wed) opening services

●Casual non-underwire jar Limited to 100

●Girdle function Panties 200 points limit belonging to

●Senior brand Bra Camisole Varieties Limited to 100

●200 points of casual roomware tops Bottoms limits in total

●(Maternity Clothing) Maternity Clothing non underwire jar Varieties Limited to 50

Time service from 6:00 ●Brassiere Varieties Limited to 100 for night

28 (Sat)

●Popular brand Accessories Varieties 200 points limit

●Ladies' Pajama Varieties Limited to 100

29 [Sunday/Holiday]

●100% Cotton Underwear Tops Varieties Limited to 100

●Ladies' negligee Varieties Limited to 50


Summer inner coordinate seminar

□April 28 (Sat) 2:00 -, 4:00 ... (in each time approximately 30 minutes

Akamatsu Miyuki of Wacoal adviser introduces trendy information of coordinate operation and underwear showing line of body clearly including up-and-coming item.

Summer inner coordinate seminar
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