Bedding, bed sale

Wacoal big bazaar

It is finished at 6:00 p.m. on the last day of (Wed) 6 (Mon) on November 1, 2017
 Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall

※Price varies according to size. ※Size constitution varies according to design KOLOR. ※Forgive O torioki KI in telephone, order. ※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly. ※Composition product which there is not written on the cover is material Varieties, country of origin Varieties. ※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer. ※There are individual differences in effect of function.

We matched with ideal and trouble of so many men, so many minds,
We prepared certain "function"

lingerie, functional brassiere & shorts

One piece to fit your ideal

<fureshii> Camisole 2,484 yen flare panties 2,700 yen

Cup which was elaborated to fit to each size well is feature. Bust with roundness is recommended toward the ideal.

<douche> from brassiere 5,184 yen (pink beige navy)

With cup structure that adopted "lifting sheet" to lift bust easily, we direct beautiful decollete without pad plumply.

<Rumie> From brassiere "chest make Bra" 4,320 yen (green beige navy)

Seat of side part supports the back which felt good from right and left. To ascending bust.

<Rumie> From brassiere "posture Bra" 4,320 yen (red pink black)

Was assigned to deep V line and the back of lower cup; pad of the feel is point softly. It is easy to be familiar with bust, and arrive, and feeling is light, too.

<fureshii> from brassiere "valley Bra" 3,780 yen (pink rose pink cream)

"Hotchpotch advance seat" which let you connect strap as for the features from cup side. We suppress side and direct attractive bust.

<Rumie> From brassiere "approach advance Bra" 4,320 yen (navy off-white cream)

Soft full cup Bra which arrive, and makes beautiful bust silhouette with feeling. We adopt external wire moderating skin hit.

<fureshii> from brassiere "chest KO THI" 3,780 yen (brown beige black)

On the side clean in wide side Shaper. Width is wide, and strap features that there are few burdens to shoulder.

<fureshii> from brassiere "side refreshing Bra" 3,780 yen (purple sax brown)

<douche> from brassiere 5,184 yen

underwear, girdle, bodysuit

Mop-up made with "beautiful silhouette"

The softness of 100% Cotton and refined lace errand are attractive.

<fureshii> Underwear 2,592 yen

Underwear of simple 100% Cotton with thickness.

<fureshii> Underwear long sleeves 3,024 yen seven minutes length bottoms 1,728 yen

Cutting that is hard to affect Pants for a feeling of moderate fitting.

<fureshii> Girdle 3,780 yen (lavender navy beige black)

For a feeling of moderate fitting, it is shape pleasantly.

<fureshii> Girdle Left: 2,700 yen (purple sax brown) Right: 3,780 yen (navy lavender beige black)

Cutting that is hard to affect Pants is attractive.

<fureshii> Body Suit 7,020 yen (brown black beige)


Refined design and reliable quality

Translucent design creates elegant adult woman.

<simone PERELE> from brassiere 5,724 yen from Panties 3,564 yen

Soft comfort only by historical Swiss brand.

<HANRO> Underwear 6,264 yen (blue) 3,024 yen (orange)


Easy comfort that both body and heart feel at ease

Good feel and calm design are good to relaxation scene.

Nightwear 4,968 yen

The comfortable softness of 100% Cotton is feature. We offer design for men.

Nightwear Left: Men's 5,292 yen Right: Ladies' 4,968 yen

Nightwear 4,968 yen

<le bijoux> long Cardigan 3,024 yen roomware tops 3,024 yen roomware bottoms 3,024 yen


Lineup that is nice in kids and Maternity Clothing

Man and woman child Pajama for each 4,104 yen (95-165cm)

<fairy tiara> teen's brassiere 1,944 yen teens Panties 540 yen

<the first tiara> girl tops Underwear Varieties for each 2,160 yen

<lure no re> before childbirth, after giving birth combined use brassiere for each 3,564 yen before childbirth Girdle for each 4,104 yen ※Of Maternity Clothing Nightwear is offering.

●Girl tops Underwear 1,296 yen (100-160cm)
●From boy tops Underwear 756 yen (100-160cm)
●From boy bottoms Underwear 648 yen (100-160cm)

 Ladies' Lingerie in large size is available, too

Today's service

※It becomes all special price.

1 (Wed) opening service

●Brassiere (black) Varieties Limited to 100
●Camisole (black) Varieties Limited to 50
●Warm Underwear Tops (length adjustment function) Varieties Limited to 100
●Warm under bottoms (length adjustment function) Varieties Limited to 50
●Hem fitting Panties (one minute length) Varieties Limited to 100
80 points of a lot of Ladies' sports tops limits
●Men's Sportswear tops Varieties 80 points limit

Child ●Girl robe Varieties 30 points limit
Maternity Clothing ●Puerperant panties Varieties 30 points limit
City from 3:00 ●Warm tube top (length adjustment function) Varieties Limited to 100

2 (Thu)

●Casual non-underwire jar Varieties Limited to 100
●Tank Top Varieties 200 points limit with cup
●Simple software Girdle (long) Varieties Limited to 100
●Silk blend Panties Varieties Limited to 100
●Warm tops Varieties Limited to 100
●Negligee Varieties Limited to 100

Child ●Girl roomware tops Varieties 150 points limit
City from 3:00 ●150 points of sports Bra (light type) Varieties is only for

3 (Fri/holiday)

●Camisole Varieties Limited to 100 with cup
●Simple software Girdle (short) Varieties 200 points limit
●400 points of hem fitting Panties (print) Varieties is only for

Child ●100 sets of girl Underwear top and bottom set Varieties is only for
Maternity Clothing nightie ●Maternity Clothing nightie Varieties 30 points limit
City from 3:00 ●Warm leggings Varieties Limited to 50

4 (Sat)

●Popular brand Accessories Varieties 400 points limit
●Underwear Tops (short sleeves) Varieties Limited to 100
●Underwear Tops (long sleeves) Varieties Limited to 100

Maternity Clothing nightie ●Maternity Clothing light Pants 30 points limit
City from 3:00 ●Accessories Varieties 70 points limit for the night

5 (Sun)

100 sets of a lot of ten pieces of Panties sets limits
●Casual long sleeves T-shirt Varieties Limited to 50
●Simple Slip Varieties Limited to 50

City from 3:00 ●Warm Long Pants Varieties Limited to 50

One point of present per person is only for

※A giveaway finishes as soon as all of sample runs out.
※All the photographs are images.

1 (Wed) limit

We give <botedusae> Body Care Sample set to the first 300 people of purchase more than 16,200 yen in venue.

<botedusae> Body Care Sample set

2 (Thu), 3 (Fri/holiday) limits

We give <AWAKE> skin care mini-Sample set to 150 each day first arrival of purchase more than 10,800 yen in venue.

<AWAKE> skin care mini-Sample set

4 (Sat), 5 (Sun) limits

We give <re meruveiyuzuradure> Body Care mini-set or <THREE> skin care mini-set to 250 each day first arrival of purchase more than 10,800 yen in venue.

<re meruveiyuzuradure> Body Care mini-set


Winter inner coordinate seminar

□November 4 (Sat) 2:00 -, 4:00 ... (in each time approximately 30 minutes)
□Main building 6F = Promotional Hall
We introduce trendy information of coordinate operation and underwear that Akamatsu Miyuki of Wacoal adviser shows line of body including up-and-coming item clearly. We give present to the first 30 people of purchase with product after participation for event in venue.

Event photograph
Tell! Orchid Gyorgy!