From large size of WEST 94-115cm,
To tall size of 185-195cm tall

Men's large size
Super men's sale

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 7F = Promotional Hall

※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer.
※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.

An example of exhibition brand


We do business-style comfortably
We offer popular item.
Suit with adjuster which can support change of figure.
It is surprising to be able to regulate to anteroposterior 10cm!

Special offer

2 pantsuit Varieties with adjuster 21,600 yen (2L - 4L, TL)
※The other items are not available.

Summer constant seller product of comfort that breathability is good, and is mild, linen blend Suit.
We turn in hot and humid summer in Japan.

Suit 54,000 yen (92% wool, linen 8%/2L - 4L)
Shirt 5,400 yen (cotton 100%/2L - 4L)
Tie 4,320 yen (silk 100%/ long size)

As it is light and is wrinkle-resistant, it is recommended for person who often carries Jacket.

<suabuopasu> Jacket 16,200 yen (polyester 100%/2L .3L)

To silhouette which hangs to leg from the hips as we are cut to figure of Japanese people, and is beautiful. Fitted without hitting dowel; vomit, and is feeling.

<Isetan men> Slacks 9,720 yen (/ 98% cotton, polyurethane 2%/W96 - 112cm made in Japan)

It is item which it is how many, and wants to last as necessities of Cool Biz-style.

Polo Shirt
Left, Middle: <suabuopasu> for each 5,400 yen (/ 59% polyester, 41% cotton /2L - 4L made in Japan)
(right) <GUY ROVER >7,560 yen (cotton 100%/XXL - XXXL)


We check casual item that coordinates become fun.
Only wear a layer of Gilet from simple T-shirt and Shirt; in fashion-style.
We cannot part anymore!

<BARENA> Gilet 5,400 yen (cotton 100%/54 - 58)
<McGREGOR Budge Dragon> Shirt 9,720 yen (70% cotton, polyester 30%/2L - 4L)
<Isetan men> Casual Pants 9,720 yen (/ cotton 100%/W96 - 112cm made in Japan)

We offer oversize that you can wear with margin.

<danorisu> Short Sleeve Shirt For each 7,560 yen (Left: 100% Cotton right: linen 100%/XL - XXXL)

Short Pants of baniran texture has a feeling of irregularities to cloth, and the feature is that breathability is good. It is comfortable in hot season.

Short Pants For each 7,560 yen (95% cotton, polyurethane 5%/W100 - 115cm)

Mesh Belt which is useful in casual style. Mesh Belt of rubber material is superior in elasticity, and usability improves more.

Belt For each 5,400 yen (120cm correspondence)


We tailor-make discerning Suit

We measure to small part and just finish in the first place to fit.

※We need O time to hand over for approximately from three weeks to one month.

  • From Measuremade Jacket newly made 41,040 yen
  • From Measure-made suit 51,840 yen
  • From Measuremade Formal Suit newly made 51,840 yen
  • From Suit newly made 69,984 yen with Measure Made spare slacks
  • <CANONICO> from use of cloth Measure-made suit 73,440 yen made in company
  • <Ermenegildo Zegna> from use of cloth Measure-made suit 118,800 yen made in company

Today's service

※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.

24 (Wed)
  • Suit Limited to 100 14,040 yen (2L - 4L, TL)
  • Short-sleeved casual shirt choice of two 100 sets limit 3,240 yen (2L - 4L, TL)
  • Suit newly made 15 points limit 51,840 yen with Measure Made spare slacks
27 (Sat)
  • Tie Limited to 50 2,160 yen (long size)
  • It is riyoridori two 15 sets limit 73,440 yen in Pattern-Made Suits makeup
28 (Sun)
  • Slacks Casual Pants Limited to 100 for each 3,240 yen (W94 - 115cm) in total
  • Belt 30 points limit 2,160 yen (long size)
  • Use of cloth Pattern-Made Suits newly made 15 points limit 59,400 yen made in U.K., Italy