Special event manager Masashi Sano

Men's fashion big fair,
At last 2 weeks!

Part1 "business,"
Part2 "is casual"

From thought to want to meet expectation of customer for assortment of goods and O shopping environment of men's fashion big fair which came to many customers every time (as follows men's Daiichi) more, holding realized for this two weeks. Business suit is the center, and, in Part1 from (Wed) to 10 (Tue), in Part2 of 16 (Mon), casual wear becomes main from (Wed) on October 11 on October 4.

Special event manager Masashi Sano

In venue available more slowly and more carefully

Men's Shoes, men's bags, leather accessory move to Promotional Hall of main building 7F which we used as venue of casual wear until now in Part1, and assortment of goods is enriched more, too.
In this way, it is easy to choose business suit and Accessories item in Promotional Hall of main building 6F of main venue for customer and thinks that we can expect cancellation of environment NI or congestion that it is easy to buy for. We are going to exhibit item and brand which were not able to unfold concerning space of venue until now.

"We were not able to do it"
Men's Daiichi

Of course it is hard to hold sale of such scale called men's Daiichi for two weeks, but charge staff have strong feeling "that it may be possible for for two weeks simply because it is held!". It is one of the SO in Part2 that new category is exhibited at sports brand which there was not to men's Daiichi, outdoor brand, and, mainly on creator brand, casual item and brand are enriched, too.
To men's Daiichi which greatly changes, please expect.