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O good bargain ladies' baby & kids special sale to be able to come across because it is Isetan

January 10, 2018 (Wed) 15 (Mon)
Ends at 6:00 p.m on the last day

Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall

Special sale only for six days that are O good bargain even if thing of buyer select in the fall and winter takes!
We offer item playing an active part right now in variation richness from attention brand.

※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer.
※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.

Ladies' Wear

●From Coat 10,800 yen
●From pants 5,400 yen
●From Dress 7,560 yen
●From Sweater 5,400 yen
●From Skirt Varieties 5,400 yen

Ladies' Goods

Ladies' Shoes




<number twenty one> Shoes Varieties for each 7,560 yen

<number twenty one> one piece of leather Tote Bag for each 17,280 yen (cowhide /27 *32*15cm)

●From Ladies' Shoes Varieties 5,400 yen
●< From number twenty one> Handbag 10,800 yen
●From Stole Varieties 5,400 yen made in Hat, France made in Italy

Babies' & kids

<rejoribiju> girl Coat 6,480 yen (120-150cm)
< rugapoketto> girl occasion Jacket 5,400 yen (110-130cm)
One-piece Dress 3,240 yen (110-130cm)

<kisetto> combined use Dress 3,240 yen (one size of 50-60cm)
Hat Varieties 1,080 yen (40.44cm)
Afghan Varieties 3,240 yen

●<redifoazauikuendo> man and woman child long sleeves T-shirt Cardigan for each 50 points limit 1,620 yen (110-150cm)
●Cognitive education magneT toy Varieties Limited to 50 1,512 yen