Furniture, carpet sale

Furniture, carpet sale

It is finished at 3:00 p.m. on the last day of (Wed) - 23 (Mon) on April 18, 2018 
Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall

※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer.
※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.

5 pieces set of dining table Pakistan carpet Varieties

5 pieces set of dining table 352,080 yen (table: Japanese oak materials / width 140 X depth 80 X 70cm in height, chair: 42cm in height of Japanese oak materials / width 47 X depth 53 X 76cm in height, bearing surface)
Carpet Varieties limited to 2 108,000 yen (Wool 100%/ approximately 200*250cm) of Pakistan

Wisteria high background chair wisteria stool

Rattan high background chair item on display limit 39,800 yen (37cm in height of width 67 X depth 79 X 103cm in height, bearing surface)
Rattan stool item on display limit 16,800 yen (width 41 X depth 36 X 37cm in height)

Sofa which takes DESIGNERS GUILD one

Sofa item on display limit 336,960 yen (42cm in height of fucho / width 95 X depth 84 X 70cm in height, bearing surface) that takes <DESIGNERS GUILD >1 people

Three-person sofa

Three-person sofa 198,180 yen (41cm in height of cowhide tension (some synthetic leather) / width 184 X depth 82 X 97cm in height, bearing surface)

Moquette carpet Varieties made in Belgium

Moquette carpet Varieties limited to 10 10,800 yen (60% rayon, cotton 40%/ approximately 195*195cm) made in Belgium
●Moquette carpet Varieties limited to 10 16,200 yen (60% rayon, cotton 40%/ approximately 195*250cm) made in Belgium

Persian rug

Persian rug item on display limit 216,000 yen (Wool 100%/ approximately 200*300cm)

Persian rug

Persian rug item on display limit 540,000 yen (silk 100%/ approximately 140*200cm)

Because know body of health fair - you, do not begin; or ...

We establish blood vessel age measurement corner that we can experience free. In addition, we introduce insoles (insole) to make in much-talked-about foot massage and healthy support article, Made-to-order.

Showa Nishikawa muatsu 2 form 100

It is equipped with fir tree, concrete facing, various massage functions including width adjustment. To foot and neck, whole body including back, it is available by approximately 20 ways of methods.

<D X sweat shirt> home vibrator 97,200 yen (belonging to guarantee for three years) medical equipment approval number 223AGBZX00139A02

Special offer

Kyoto Nishikawa feather comforter

Cushion cover Varieties for each 1,080 yen (polyester 100%/ approximately 45*45cm) ※Middle core is RI sold separately. (1,080 yen)

Otsu Corporation washable feather skin comforter

Two pairs of brand slippers set Varieties 100 sets limit 2,160 yen (M)


Apron Varieties Limited to 50 for each 2,160 yen

bomadaun & feather two levels pillow

Toiletry three-piece set Varieties 30 sets limit 3,240 yen (cleaning cover cover restroom mat slippers)