LIVING FESTIVAL second venue

Tool exhibition of living

April 18, 2018 (Wed) - 23 (Mon)
It is finished daylong at 3:00 p.m.
Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 7F = Promotional Hall

For everyday living
Tools to snuggle up to gather.

●Tool which colors dining table●

Twins swift horse

To enjoy meal and evening drink more; to tableware and bottle and cup feelings. Not only dining table but also feeling should heap up design which is Japanese modern of <twins swift horse>.

Demonstration <twins swift horse>
"SHIBUKI" wine cooler 64,800 yen (porcelain / about diameter 34 X 15cm in height)
"SHIBUKI" one side of the story 7,560 yen (porcelain / about diameter 14 X 7.5cm in height)
Soba small sake cup for each 4,104 yen (porcelain / about diameter 9.5 X 8cm in height)
Take; corner plate for each 2,700 yen (porcelain / approximately 15*15cm)

Nagasawa mill

Demonstration <Nagasawa mill>
Aya thin design limited to 5 43,200 yen with copper teapot round shape string
(we do not include copper / width 15 X 10cm in height (handle) / capacity: 600㎖)

Good luck industrial arts iron kettle line cutting in round slices

<good luck industrial arts>
Iron kettle line cutting in round slices limited to 5 41,040 yen
(we do not include iron / width 18.5 X 13cm in height (handle) / capacity: 1ℓ)

Height of Yoshida lacquerware studio Wajima lacquering technique Ichimatsu doll plate

<Yoshida lacquerware studio>
Height of Wajima lacquering technique Ichimatsu doll plate 54,000 yen
(Katsura /24 *24*2cm)

Yashiro glass processing place great eater bookmaking

Demonstration <Yashiro glass processing place>
Great eater bookmaking for each two points limit for each 37,800 yen
(crystal glass / diameter 7.5 X 7cm in height)

Torii wire netting industrial arts
Torii wire netting industrial arts mesh Coffee dripper

<Torii wire netting industrial arts>
Mesh Coffee dripper
Limited to 10 5,400 yen
(Main part: copper, handle: ebony / diameter 6 X 6cm in height, handle: 8cm)

Hit rock; copper utensil copper lowering strong box type

<we hit rock copper utensil>
20 points of copper lowering strong box type limit 10,800 yen
(grater: copper, tin plating, saucer, Middle network: 18-8 stainless steel / width 29.5 X depth 13 X 4.8cm in height)


Demonstration <kawaseijimbutsukogyo>
Heiss steel interrupt petinaifu 11,880 yen
(Heiss steel, stainless steel / length of a blade 15cm)
※Blade grind accept. (from 1,080 yen)

Demonstration <we tear in KU Rokugo building>
Cutting board limited to 5 19,440 yen
(Main part: ginkgo, handle: walnut / diameter 30 X length 37 X thickness 2.7cm)

●Tool of warmth nature material which there is●

Light "glitter" of forest tree industrial arts tree

Furniture which upgrades favorite space. Light of <forest tree industrial arts> which was particular about the subject matter lights up everyday living easily.

Demonstration <forest tree industrial arts>
Light "glitter" of tree limited to 3 86,400 yen (hiba / about width 19 X depth 19 X 19cm in height)

Classic woodwork chest 30, Horai

<classic woodwork>
Chest 30, Horai
432,000 yen
(Yaku cedar, teak, paulownia materials / width 88 X depth 45 X 90cm/ in height convulsions)

Stool belonging to Hashimoto rattan industrial arts back

Demonstration <Hashimoto rattan industrial arts>
Stool 35,640 yen belonging to back
(45cm in height of rattan / about width 42 X depth 38 X height 62, bearing surface)

Oak Village folding Kozukue

<oak Village>
Folding Kozukue 56,160 yen
(cherry tree materials / width 90 X depth 45 X 33cm in height (folding: 8cm))

Plains hairbrush of brush

<plains of brush>
Hairbrush 12,960 yen
(wild boar Wool, stripe ebony /21cm)

If wait for TA of Manager Chinese poem composed by a Japanese club Shibata; KO

<Chinese poem composed by a Japanese club>
If wait for TA of Manager Shibata; KO limited to 10 2,592 yen
(with Japanese paper / box *24 piece of length 11 X side 7 X height 2.7cm/ tip bag)

●Tool which we want to add to the clothing●

Bamboo work bunch onse disorder knitting bamboo Bag

To be dressed simply because is season named light dress NI; accent. As for the Bag of <bamboo work bunch onse>, MI including bold knitting is impressive in spite of being compact. It is good affinity with summer One-piece Dress.

Demonstration <bamboo work bunch onse>
Disorder knitting bamboo Bag limited to 3 37,800 yen
(bamboo, rattan, cowhide / approximately 32.5*19*15.5cm)

Nakajima umbrella processing place indigo dyeing parasol

<Nakajima umbrella processing place>
Indigo dyeing parasol
Six points of limit 37,800 yen
(this 100% Cotton /8 bone / outer rib 47cm)

Higaki metal engraving industrial arts hand-knitted COMBI Ring

Demonstration <Higaki metal engraving industrial arts>
Hand-knitted COMBI Ring 81,000 yen
(Pt900, K18/ approximately 0.4cm in width)
※It becomes hand over approximately one month later for build-to-order manufacturing.

Nakajima inlay watch

Demonstration <Nakajima inlay>
Watch limited to 3 70,200 yen
(gold, iron, lacquer, diameter about 3cm/ string: silk 100%, about 14cm/ movement: product made in Japan)

Do, and pat; coral red coral Ring

<we do and pat coral>
Red coral Ring one point limit 302,400 yen
(coral: diameter 7.8mm, diamond: 0.28ct, K18 in total)

Japanese jade mining industry jade jade square pendant

<the jade mining industry in Japan>
Jade jade square pendant one point limit 162,000 yen
(jade jade: 4.68ct, K18, chain: K18, 45cm/ differentiation memo)