SWEETS COLLECTION sweets Collection

♥January 31, 2018 (Wed) - February 14 (Wed)
Ends at 6:00 p.m on the last day

♥Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall
※We did not hear Reservations, O torioki KI at store. Thank you for your understanding.

Including new item of popular Chocolatier, much-talked-about chocolate flocks. It keeps the orthodox school that was particular about cacao and photogenic item.


※You can see detailed information when we click the following brand.


Taichiro Morinaga /  Dali Kay /  Dulcy /  Tsujiri /  Desiree /  Demel /  Delrey /  Debailleul

anteyuishombaijieromu do cage Vera / oteru du cap Eden = rock / Olivier Vidal / simple baii / caramel Paris / Christian kampurini / kurisutinu feh le VERT / Jean = Charles Roche / sucre do cacao / davido kapii / Nichola berunarude / Philip Bell / Frank kesutona / Francois jimenezu / Frederik avekka / bell pear on / harpoon Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution


Taste of KO,
Only with HI that what we could taste came to venue!

"janduiakurimu" which won silver medal in world chocolate Award in 2016 features smooth melting such as velvet.

<vesutori> verrutatafioru D rizo 648 yen (/1 unit made in Japan)
□ January 31 (Wed) - February 7 (Wed)

(left) We use KU Belcher of company original luxuriously. It is clean aftertaste although being heavy.

<Dali Kay> hot chocolate 450 yen (/1 cup made in Japan)
□ February 8 (Thu) - 14 (Wed)

(right) Ganache of fresh one to make in venue using company contract cacao farmhouse direct first knob cacao. Affinity with attached financier is outstanding.

<Dali Kay> melty fresh one ganache 681 yen (/1 unit made in Japan)
□ February 8 (Thu) - 14 (Wed)

Soft gelato of thick chocolate to want to eat in winter. Sweet-sour franc Boise, pistachio flavor fragrant in the latter half come up in the first half.

<BABBI> Soft gelato for each 486 yen (/1 unit made in Japan)
A. January 31 (Wed) - February 6 (Tue) "franc Boise & chocolate"
B. February 7 (Wed) - February 14 (Wed) "pistachio & chocolate"

It is pal feh Glace (ice) of fruity taste using pureed cacao of flesh part "cacao pulp".

<Waraku Beniya> COEUR chocolate cacao pulp 601 yen (/1 unit made in Japan)