ISETAN Bridal Fair | Isetan bridal fair

January 31, 2018 (Wed) - February 28 (Wed) each floor at Isetan Shinjuku Main Building, Isetan Men, and other stores






Brand born in Kyoto suggesting jewelry that sense of beauty of Japan breathes. The country gets high evaluation abroad from the start.

The top: From engagement Ring 301,320 yen (from Pt, center diamond 0.2ct)
Bottom: From marriage ring 169,560 yen (Pt, diamond)
※Hand over is approximately one and a half months later.
■1st floor of the Main Building = Accessories
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Bridal line of <AHKAH> in pursuit of beauty innocent fleetingly. To identification of of love everlasting in delicate form coming out of handwork of expert craftsman, diamond selected carefully, Ring made heartily.

(left) From marriage ring 108,000 yen (K18YG, diamond)
(right) From marriage ring 151,200 yen (Pt, diamond)
■1st floor of the Main Building = Accessories

[privilege] During period of January 31 (Wed) - February 28 (Wed)
1.Original Ring pillow is presented by <AHKAH> which had Ring make a promise.
2.It is carved a seal free by engage ring of eligible.
3.We set Bath stone in Ring of eligible free.
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Four ever mark

We draw beauty of diamond to the maximum <four ever mark>. It is Ring born from voice of customer whom glitter is seen from stack pickles SU RU and both you and partner in KO garnishing engage ring marriage ring neither, the side with diamond.

<four ever mark>
From engage ring 410,400 yen (Pt, diamond [horse]: from 0.3ct [side stone]: from 0.08ct in total)
Marriage ring
162,000 yen (Pt, diamond: 0.08ct in total) neither Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited
<four ever mark> promotion ■February 7 (Wed) - 13 (Tue)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch / promotion
※We handle with Shinjuku store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch from (Wed) on February 14.
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Bare SO

The sense of beauty "beauty of frugality" only by Japanese of concept <bare SO>. We introduce Ring of architectural form made inspire from building.

<bare SO>
From cascade Ring 617,760 yen (Pt, diamond)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch

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Bridal attend service ■1st floor of the Main Building = Accessories
The bridal exclusive duty staff suggests Ring across fence of brand.
<< need reservations >> From Monday to Friday: From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: Noon, 2:00 p.m.
We make Reservations in telephone. Telephone 03(3352) 1111 Main switchboard (1st floor of the Main Building = Accessories / designers bridal)
※We may not attach to Time & Date you like by status.

Bridal Ring attend service ■Shinjuku store Main Building 4F = jewelry & watch
Experienced jewelry coordinator calls and we match with preference from various brand and suggest consultation about Ring.
<< need reservations >> Each day: From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Reservations in WEB from this






It is original Dress of surettarain which gave macrame lacework train of silk Tulle.

<FINONO> Dress 540,000 yen (rental)
■Shinjuku store park city 3.2 floor = Formal wear rental "Grand jour"
[bridal fair privilege] But, please contact person in charge in detail as there is.

Anna Sui Anna Sui

We arrange embroidery lace of bold large pattern in pretty French sleeve. It is Dress like <Anna Sui> with cuteness in cool Middle.

<Anna Sui>
Dress 280,800 yen (rental)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride

Anna Sui Anna Sui

Feeling of vintage A RU atmosphere which put gathered skirt of software Tulle that we gave with delicate embroidery lace and small pace together is attractive.

<Anna Sui>
Dress 291,600 yen (rental)
※Tuxedo is not for sale.
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride


We prepare line of the body in four Vaughn and direct bust with roundness. As strap is removable, shoulder is matched with Dress to take out.

From midriff length brassiere 16,200 yen (B - F: 65-75)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie


PRESENT We give liquid cosmetics for bust decollete to the first ten people of purchase with bridal product of <Wacoal> during period of (Wed) on (Wed) - February 28 on January 31.

Nicolai Bergman Flowers & design

Bouquet of natural stem expressing natural figure of flower. In atmosphere that is green in basic tone with white, and is refreshing. We meet request including kind and KOLOR of flower.

<Nicolai Bergman Flowers & design>
From wedding bouquet & boot near 37,800 yen
■Shinjuku store men building 8F = Isetan Men's Residence


Elegant navy shawl collar is shape SHI TA model with WEST. We take Semi-custom-made to be able to choose from approximately 200 kinds of cloth for preference.

From Semi-custom-made tuxedo 199,800 yen
※It takes approximately 1 month to hand over.
■Shinjuku store men building 5F = business closing


February 14 (Wed) - 19 (Mon)
For one where Japanese binding wished to get married, we offered special plan of Formal wear rental.

Formal wear rental wedding ceremony crested kimono, color speculation pair plan 291,600 yen in Japanese dress
※We may have the balance by apparel having you choose.
■Shinjuku store park city 3.2 floor = Formal wear rental "Grand jour"

PRESENT Toward the wedding ceremony plan making a promise in Japanese dress, we treat Formal wear rental charges of your parents, relative, attendance warmly in particular. In addition, we give one point of either of "original Ring pillow" "photo frame".

<< need reservations >> Wig, bride's veil experience society in Japanese dress
February 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun) each day 10:30 a.m. ..., 12:30 p.m. ..., 2:30 ..., 4:30 ...
We accept Reservations, O inquiry in telephone or WEB.
Telephone 03(3354) 6105 (Direct Tel. No.)
Reservations, O inquiry in WEB is this



Ceremonial hall


Imperial Hotel Tokyo

We offered gorgeous banquet plan of dinner-style to entertain guest at long table.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo THE BANSANKAI wedding plan
Of 1550000 yen for 40 people (per person addition 23,000 yen)
Of 2800000 yen for 80 people (per person addition 23,000 yen)
Plan contents: Dishes, drink, room charge, helper, wedding cake, table coordinates, kaijosohana, music, sound, lighting, studio photograph, letter of invitation, guest book
※As there is introduction privilege from Isetan bride, please refer.
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride



Present, decoration cake for present


Present display conference
■January 31 (Wed) - February 20 (Tue)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride
We collect stylist recommended present and popular decoration cakes for present in cathedral and introduce.

Taira Yamada Ando

Plate that fine striped pattern of pulse-like money is gorgeous. It is refined design which matches modern table.

<Taira Yamada Ando>
OVAL plate dragon water 5,400 yen (phenolic resin / urethane, lacquer painting /20 *36*1.5cm)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride

Le Creuset

Tumbler which is usable as soup and container let alone drink which is cold as we are superior in the cool nature.

<Le Creuset>
Pair short tumbler 3,240 yen (diameter 7.5 X 9.5cm/ capacity: 240 ml) Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride

Arita porcelain laboratory

Simple design which wears well with soft hue of blue white porcelain. It is available without asking kind and season of dishes.

<Arita porcelain laboratory>
Two pieces of Ichimatsu doll rightness plates set 3,240 yen (*2 piece of porcelain /18 *18*2.5cm)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Isetan bride


Including cream (black) for shoes of mini-size and sensitive cream for soft Leather, we set basic item of shoe polishing including brush and cross which we put together in use.

<M. mouburei>
Shoo care set 3,240 yen
■Shinjuku store men building B1F = Men's Shoes

Hollandische kakao-stube

Texture that was lightly sweetened, and was moistened. It is traditional taste made with the manufacturing method of home Germany.

Hollandische kakao-stube
Baumkuchen 1,296 yen (15.3*15.5*5.8cm) Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited
■Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = Grand ARTISAN

Noix de beurre

It is almond poodle from Spain and financier of fragrant taste that we finished in fermented butter which we burnt which we roasted.

Noix de beurre
Petit sac (bridal) 940 yen (with three) Isetan Shinjuku-limited
■Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = cafe & sucre


"harrongurottoru" of rich taste with full of butter and North European constant seller "pepparukakoru." It is bridal-limited assortment.

harrongurottoru (strawberry) & pepparukakoru 1,080 yen (harrongurottoru five pieces, pepparukakoru eight pieces) Isetan Shinjuku-limited
■Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = cafe & sucre





Photowedding in Western clothing

We offered recommended photo wedding plan to take one that wanted to leave photograph and, in front of that we wanted to photograph in apparel different from the day of the wedding ceremony, and to take after the YA.

From photowedding 48,600 yen in Western clothing
■Shinjuku store park city 3.2 floor = Formal wear rental "Grand jour"

Privilege During bridal fair period, we have one that had you apply for photowedding choose photograph you like and we can enter photo frame (23.9*18.9cm) and give.
We accept O inquiry in telephone.
■Shinjuku store park city 3.3 floor = Isetan photograph room Shinjuku Main Store: Telephone 03(3225) 2814 (call center)



In Isetan day of fine weather.
Party plan to gather in families,
We start newly this spring.

Service of party buran begins in June, 2018 in cafe in Isetan Shinjuku. Isetan helps that bridal styles are various and can enjoy party that seems to be oneself more casually in now to open. Let alone apparel, we suggest party item from each floor including table coordinates and paper item.

Demonstration party

For January 31, service start of party plan
Lead, and demonstration party
It was held.

Venue is Shinjuku store Main Building 5F = *ka | RAIKA. It was held under the theme of "everyday extension" as party on day of fine weather to celebrate the marriage fifth anniversary.
Coordinates laid out favorite table and chair of living of two to have you spend time as having come to the Os to play. O flower is arranged by natural mode while being natural posture.
One of MO of beautiful material which wedding dress is relaxed without putting a shoulder and an elbow, and is worn.
Friends of two gather, and eat, and drink, and is lively laughingly; was had a party.

As for the state of detailed party, please see Isetan Shinjuku blog.

Demonstration party