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Festival of Champagne

November 21, 2017 (Tue) - 27 (Mon)
Ends at 6:00 p.m on the last day
Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall

Cooperation: Champagne district wine production same profession committee (C.I.V.C.)

※Drinking of one younger than 20 years is prohibited by law.

This "a la mode in Noel,"
We categorize according to business condition of Champagne maison.
We focus on each individuality and introduce charm of maison.

Only this checks before going to venue!

To know Champagne; NO,

Three M

The supervision: Segawa Azusa

If compare with O clothes, big maison


Champagne of type that stocks raw materials grape from farmhouse, and produces.
We purchased from farmhouse even if we owned company field
"Buy; when use grape", become this business condition.
Because a lot of major companies with capital power express house style from many grapes,
It is charm every year that can provide wine of stable quality.
As advertisement goes well, brand image colonizes.

We express individuality of land (Terroir)


Plural grape farmhouses form cooperative and are Champagne made with the name of association of SO.
It may be said that it is in the form near agricultural cooperative when we say in Japan.
While expressing individuality of Terroir by farmhouse being organized,
We can keep sense of stability A RU-style.
At opportunity to see frequently, there may not be so,
Famous brands include <Nichola Fiat>.

Creator system that individuality made of the hand shines


Champagne where grape farming family oneself performs bottle from cultivation consistently.
What is made with grape that a lot of being small made hands were produced at company farm features.
Stable production may be difficult as much as scale is small,
As for the thing which scarcity value appears as there is little number, and produces ardent fans.
By age that we released let alone individuality made of the hand
We can enjoy difference in quality of liquor.

The supervision
Segawa Azusa _AZUSA SEGAWA

Segawa Azusa

After University of the Sacred Heart graduation, we act as secretary of construction company and are engaged in Lee thing and construction duties of many restaurants. We acquire wine expert, qualification of master of sake sake tasting in the wake of hobby afterwards. It is appointment for representative director of meal reko providing relation service specialized in meal in 2014. Of wine school "re call du station wagon" Shinjuku school chief editor lecturer sends rich lifestyle through duty, meal and wine, too.

Design calligraphy writer

Ai Suzuki _AI SUZUKI

Ai Suzuki

Winning 2005 Japan design calligraphy award, the grand prix,
Winning 2015 Toyohashi-shi culture commendation culture promotion prize
We have much receiving a prize careers,
To date approximately 1,800 points of logo art works which was adopted.
We held private exhibition with Icchiku Kubota Museum and New York.
(no company) Association of Japanese design calligraphy writer vice-director.  

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