We pay attention to next trendy "sakosshu"!

Do you know "sakosshu?" Image of "light weight" "compact" "outdoor" is strong about Bag with meaning of "bag" in French, but is different this autumn. sakosshu in pursuit of fashionability increases more while making use of functionality, and, from town to outdoor, travel, eyes that are hot in the fashion world are poured when we can use for various scenes. It is item which we want to obtain most now.

For town walk

Shopping take a walk through town alone aimlessly…On such a holiday. Let alone Wallet and smartphone, novel book not to be bored with when we took a short break in park and cafe is relieved. If it is Leather material which does not become too much casual, style improves one rank on holiday, too. It is good to man of urban adult.

For date

For memorial day dinner which goes to important HI and art museum, and is dressed up a little, and goes out. Black Leather has elegant atmosphere; appearance such as Clutch Bag. In addition to one of necessary MO, we can have small surprise present.

While traveling

For slight going out in business trip and private destination. We snuggle up to body, and compact can also carry minimum baggage carefully. It is one fellow who goes out anytime if there is and is wrong pear, also known as RU without taking place in Traveling Trunks.

From brand which is popular in men's hall,
It is lineup in sakosshu of limitation!

It is clockwise from top right corner
<PATRICK STEPHAN> sakosshu 31,320 yen (cowhide /23 *30*1cm)
<Ann meter productions> sakosshu 35,640 yen (cowhide /20 *28*3cm)
<slow> sakosshu 25,920 yen (cowhide /21 *26*1cm)
<Stefano manO> sakosshu 35,640 yen (cowhide /22 *31*3.5cm)
<graf Lantz> sakosshu 18,360 yen (Wool /24 *26*4.5cm)
<savanna luggage works> sakosshu 19,440 yen (nylon /19 *26*3cm)

It is clockwise from top right corner
<master-piece> sakosshu 27,000 yen (cowhide /22 *29*3cm)
<Katsuyuki echoes> sakosshu 54,000 yen (python, cowhide /22 .5*26*7cm)
<Daniel & Bob> sakosshu 45,360 yen (cowhide /22 *27*2cm)
<F. Clio> sakosshu 50,760 yen (cowhide /26 *21*3cm)
<Felisi> sakosshu 35,640 yen (nylon, cowhide /21 *28*3cm)
<ILIAD> sakosshu 30,240 yen (cowhide /18 *28*3cm)