Mitsunori Aoyagi

Fashion director
Of Mitsunori Aoyagi

"Heir of well-established Japanese Sweets shop of Ginza appeared in Trench Coat of "men's BIGI". Shoulder is set-in sleeve, and length is under the knee, and arm is slim, and shape works for waist tightly when we watch with keen interest. This is Trench Coat as fashion. When observe trench of the writer on the other hand, SO U knee-length in raglan sleeve as for the length! This was office worker specification that public father wore (from Hikaru Aoyagi Noriaki "stylish way study aid of man" having an interminable chain of visitors building P189)

When Coat puts what the parents' house has together, is it around 40? It is not number that we bought so far. It is still number wearing. Coat is just outer for me. Because we do not think KA to be winter clothing that it is rain outfit, we buy several for sense same as Suit and Jacket in season. Therefore we just buy though we have Coat which we have not worn yet when we find what we liked.

The first Coat is lunch Coat at the age of seventh grader. Is cheap edition exactly; of cotton "fake", is dakedo. Convertible collar which we bought at the age of 19 years old for the first time is this (Picture Above), one of men's BIGI. Though even one of several years ago is story, it is still active. Beige gabardine and reversible of the Black Watch. We wear in horizontal stripe T-shirt in white Jeans and are doing what it is. We do not do O rectification. Both cloth and attachment remain at the time. When there is not hurt? It is so, because because there is a lot of Coat to wear in and other artists, we do not wear the number of times for the number of years that much.

tairokken is Giorgio Armani. We wore in ramie KOLOR Suit of the same ARMANI and Suit of 4 button double. Because, as for what failed in starting member for a while, a feeling of size did not match the times. Therefore we had you repair in Remake people the other day. We are going to wear in one which became very good this year if we ask saying "never break silhouette". Still, we bought ARMANI. We might not pour one house.

Thought that single Chester was entirely cool and there was not, but, in the days of high school student, thought whether it was parenthesis I I if double. Still it is double Chester of Loro Piana that we do not seem to somewhat look good while we are young, and finally bought in the middle of 30 generations. It is not old at all even if we wear silhouette with 100% of cashmere which is worn on the top of tuxedo now. Cashmere is different from the present cashmere in level with unrivaled article. Though it is great and is soft, there is weight instead, too. We bought bright red Coat of TUBE at the beginning of the 90s. With tweed of TROW MILL, we use glen check for upper neckband. When this cured size, it became very good. In addition, Coat which we wanted to wear has increased.

We wrote in book, but there is inheritor of well-established Japanese Sweets shop of Ginza to friend at the age of high school. Because disco is the height of prosperity in the days of SO, and there is dress code, we are dressed up and go together. Trench of BIGI men's what he wore then. Shoulder pad enters, and silhouette is beautiful, too, and length is under the knee. On seeing his clothes which I wore from Suit of Mr. VAN, I am thing which dropped shoulder suddenly. One which began fashion seriously which then starts.

"Prince gate" of KO which we ordered with AQUA SCUTUM several years ago. We seem to be able to order even men's festival of Isetan. Button leaves for way of wearing well to the top and puts up neckband. Belt grows in chambermaids tightly. Though it is Trench Coat which is often talked about for image smelling of man, there is sense of beauty to know Saint Laurent and Cerruti of the 70s, men's BIGI of Mr. Takeo Kikuchi and NICOLE of Mitsuhiro Matsuda. Is image show Ken of "angel who is full of wounds?"

It is Coat of KO, revenge to him that, in fact, was heir of former well-established Japanese Sweets shop. It is KA called how to put money paid by way of compromise for me. Though we played second fiddle in the days of A, we wanted to just attach just money paid by way of compromise as professional of fashion. If it does not come across Trench Coat of men BIGI in the days of A in it in these days, this is because it thinks what I am doing at this time.