Kenichi Kusano

Kenneth field designer
Of Kenichi Kusano

We like one of MO which has been mass-produced. KA to be attracted to vintage which is left in the present age while we are mass-produced, not to be interested in place called "having only one point in" world too much……. Person uses; of TA and there should be reason that has been loved till then by standard used clothing simply because think that there is reason why is suitable for thing which has been left without being thrown away. If own clothes to make are left in the future and become used clothing, we are glad at all of it.

Therefore it is not reason, but there are a lot of appearance SU RU clothes as every constant seller product in my Collection in season. It is universal with immutability. Posture to continue making one of the same MO all the time wants to continue from now on. Military Pants based on sports coat-based navy Blazer of the 50s, British military Bakery is so, too, and marche Coat is one, too.

As for the marche Coat using corduroy of indigo dyeing, cook Coat which chef wears in kitchen becomes base. Breast pocket is Kofu. We had Ichiro Nakatsu of or low that was collector of Kofu provide. It is the first place with story that we cut with the staff of studio by hand, and the staff of Mitsukoshi Isetan was born from collaboration of builder and seller quilting SU RU.

Mostly, clothes which country is good anywhere, but have been mass-produced in United States and U.K. and France and Italy, most thing of base the United States. Besides, it is often uniform. Clothes which and put up production efficiency to have many people spend, and cut down and fell into the hands of all, and have been worn for a long time. Chambray Shirt, award Jacket, Sweat Hoodie, etc. As is generation who is strong in admiration to such an American clothes, is said that this Boots is shoes of person of the American construction spot, and step; when stepped, understood. Therefore we were surprised at the United States for the first time on day when we got down. What an ordinary American is not stylish! This (laugh).

We think that such a place to be able to happen if mostly uniform can happen when ARMANI makes it with base, or Paul Smith makes clothes of man is interesting. We think that we should have succeeded charm to be able to happen feel that Kenneth Field makes. Designers and mode and American traditional fashion are all right. There is warmth of person by all means there.

We think universal charm to be such a thing with immutability that clothes have.