Yohei Fukuda

Shoes craftsman
Yohei Fukuda

It is not one buying thing very much, but there is aspect that we want to obtain regardless of amount of money if we like. We actually check slowly and carefully until we obtain. Generally, we purchase when even unpopular product matches oneself. Process before buying, process checking are fun.

When we performed in Paris around one year ago, we thought that it was with thing that it was and ordered bag from anything memory and took over thing which we bought recently in this June. Attachment is heated, and bag only for making of and oneself that TE is polite thinks that anything is usually put as errand when we asked for casual bag that we want to use much more. It is French living national treasure called Serge amoruso to have dealt and is craftsman of high quality maison of former Paris. Leather thought about utility and did to crimp leather made in France. Do not care very much, and seem to finish; NA. Because it is shoes craftsman, after all we are worried about leather.

Nakamura of buyer was particular about leather, and "5 Rangers" of Crockett & Jones series seemed to be made, too. That navy CORDOVAN brought in leather tanned in Japan to Northern Bu-ston. We might make shoes with leather including durability since its formation. Sharkskin of KO is Japanese leather, too. It is like suede and is and touches are entirely different and are soft. As we often prepare to feather shoes in Crocodile HA, we think that it is correct answer that did in casual Loafers. Is this Deer, suede of deerskin? Rare. Loafers of patent seems to match denim. Articles which are rare with a limitation of the number of all feet. We think that it is very good lineup. Even if anyone sees, I want by all means, think that want to wear, and RU model is equal.

When we studied in the U.K., we lived near the factory of Crockett & Jones and made tour of the plant and were able to learn until option made with shoes. "Just right place" of British shoes is Crockett & Jones. We make, and Balance of price is very good, and there is security, and it seems to be in moment when we can keep company all the time.