Daisuke Obana

N.Hollywood designer
Daisuke Obana

Originally as it is old-clothes dealer, it is apt to seem that it is feelings person that it is collector, but thinks that, in fact, collection habit is not so strong. Even if neither Internet nor SNS goes to the field expressly in a certain present age, both a large quantity of information and things are gathered. Therefore we are buried among information and things if we find strange "feelings". Therefore KA which we leave in 2-3 years even if interested gets tired recently. We may think, "I am not collector". Therefore I am sorry, KA that ONE OF A KIND is not unconscious.

We disposed of a large quantity of Collection whether dansuteri said several years ago. It is still very different one of MO in Sweat and Down Jacket that gather simply; or condition is good; only thing is. But we like military thing very much and after all are interested. We do not intend to go to level of enthusiast. We can never beat such people by a lot of people having knowledge and information to hardly match coming. We made military Collection line with being (laugh) in own Collection ten years ago it was not victory or defeat. Frustration collects in what you must give up though you have clothes which you want to wear which you want to make because you do not fit theme in season.

When it turned out that we got F Teague Jacket "BLACK357" of Special Forces of KO, as is expected, we were surprised. It is people accommodated by rehabilitation facilities that and it was adopted only for one year of 1997 and made. In a certain timing, 100% of Special Forces articles of U.S. forces will have to be made in the United States, and sewing factory is military secret, too. And we decided to give reality A RU remake like N.HOOLYWOOD EXCHANGE SERVICE, and to provide rare "BLACK357" of KO for men's festival this time only in ten. We remade to more boxy silhouette while making use of original design. We can wear in KO to produce liner in original, and to attach even in winter. Tag made one of MO like military specification in original, too and poured serial number. Even if person not to know sees, we do parenthesis I I and think that it is to convincible Modify after military enthusiast sees, and it was revealed with "357 remakes". In the first place it is rare as there is little environment that black wears in military wear. When we deal with military Collection myself, we may be going to have black daringly.

When black says, Tote Bag of KO is black, too. No, there is not meaning there. It is the second size from bottom when we say with L.L.Bean in Tote Bag which we ordered from Yoshida (bag). We locate six places of inside pockets and come to be able to arrange accessory. Each pocket comes to be able to arrange and store necessities which I carry in work and private. Because there is this, we do not leave a thing and are enacted in nothing if there is not this (laugh).

When we pull zip, tab which can suppress hand is on and we let you do good point of a feeling of size and convenience of small part, but understand each time when it is Yoshida. Though it will be possible if we are going to make cheaply abroad, it is good because we make with the making of and sewing of Yoshida. We made with Sample to sell, but gave up in price having been never realistic. . . However, it wants to come true sometime!

<N. Hollywood exchange service> Blouson limited to 10 85,320 yen (S M) [men festival-limited]