Yusuke Iseya

Actor, reverse project representative
Yusuke Iseya

ONE OF A KIND for me "is put under ban of failure". It is word making motto. When we might not get along well what it is, we think that failure and failure are steps necessary to find NO approach and method according to something. It is work to discover oneself and thinks that it is to acquire experience.

There is the word "Tomoyuki equivalence" (THI KO U U when) that Mr. Shouin Yoshida who played in drama left. It is meaning to "be the same when we do not know what we know and do not perform". At first know social problem or own problems. And you think, and carry out solution. At first each one knows from imminent KO and tries to take action. We try to change thing to choose when we buy daily necessities telling one's opinion to somebody a little. When such simple even KO and each one change in acting KO in the future, we believe. We believe that it is essence of "we are prohibited from failure". It is with KO same as "Tomoyuki equivalence" for me.

By reverse project, we brought up problem by giving one of MO which should have been discarded and thing said to that it was worthless added value by creation and design. For example, we produce Wallet using leather of deer and wild boar got rid of as Bag and harmful animal which reused air bag and seat belt of discarded car without being recycled and.

It was handmade and made up cycle SA SE TE, Bangle and carabiner with parts and tools of bicycle which was not used with Rew10works which performed production, building of bicycle this time. As for the Bangle, the same print does not exist in KO giving Damascus processing using iron which we did not use in production process of bicycle. We right think that item of ONE OF A KIND was made. Carabiner reuses brakes part. KO which both transform is material very hard to please, but thinks that you can pay attention to technology of Rew10works enabling it. We want you to touch for hand by all means.