Isetan fashion week

Heart that kyun and coming Japanese should love to "this, kimono of grandmother"

For example, from parent to child and grandchild…TO. Culture that Japan which manners and customs inheriting important kimono in the next generation say, and uses one of MO for a long time carefully should boast of. Recycling kimono brand that "old batter was named for heart of SO carefully by *sho SU RU" is <koi*>. We keep kimono and obi which have lost opportunity to wear and are doing mediation to tie the value to by passing the baton to the next person needing it. There are HA in shop where recommended visiting dress and pongee, Fukuro Obi and Nagoya style sashes line in season, value of seeing.

216,000 yen of newly made recycling KI
Newly made recycling zone 324,000 yen
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Kimono / koi*

Festival of recycling KI

■September 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = banquet room
From unlined clothes to obi of KI in the fall and winter. Two days when recommended product with <Tansuya of reuse KI> is prepared.
Isetan fashion week