Isetan fashion week

Advertising production to change "one of MO not to use" into "one of valuable MO"

We started in MO of the designer Akira Minakawa supervision and IDEE shop <clothes of POOL color color>. We use up beginning materials that occurred in process producing various items of Muji without waste and are approach to regenerate to product which is worth being new. For washing, we let item which is new with fabric of Muji be reborn like one shoulder tote of photograph which we made piece-dyeing on. Aristrist and collaboration rate SHI TA atelier Coat of welfare institution "game school" in Kagoshima become precedent sale in Isetan Shinjuku.

<clothes of POOL color color>
POOL and game school atelier Coat 19,440 yen (cotton) [Isetan Shinjuku precedent sale]
One shoulder tote for each 2,484 yen (cotton)


■September 6 (Wed) - 12 (Tue)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 5F = Center Park / the stage # 5
Isetan fashion week