Isetan fashion week

With WOMEN ONLY BAR much-talked-about with up-and-coming GENDERless fashion

Stage which expressed the world where it was GENDERless that brand from London, Collection of <all Saints> formed a line. WOMEN ONLY BAR "GOLD FINGER" of Shinjuku 2 that brook Tigger produces enlivens view of the world of KO. <all Saints> is characterized by GENDERless styling including bikie Jacket which can be called icon. On this stage, even woman develops worn men's line. We are going to hold DJ live show by the staff of "GOLD FINGER" in (Wed) on September 13 for the first day.

<all Saints> Jacket 69,800 yen (sheep leather /02 - 10)

Genderless by ALLSAINTS

■September 13 (Wed) - 19 (Tue)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = Center Park / the stage # 2
Isetan fashion week