We love summer

August 9, 2017 (Wed) - 21 (Mon)
Isetan Shinjuku Main Building = each floor

We offer "fun" appropriate for summer including popup shop of rock festival and shop named material NI of free study for a limited time. We come to like summer more if we go!


summer border' s
horror & fantastic summer

... summer and Kazuo Umezu and horizontal stripes and ...

□August 9 (Wed) - 21 (Mon)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = Center Park /TOKYO kaihoku

Summer is horror! It is focus for comic artist on behalf of well-known Japan, Kazuo Umezu by horror comics in main building 2F = TOKYO liberated area. We suggest fashion X art X fashion culture to keyword with "red white horizontal stripes" that are trademark with work. Feel fantastic summer with horror and horizontal stripes!

Cut and sewn for each 10,260 yen (with 100% Cotton /1 (S), 3 (L) / vinyl cases)


Without filling up Kazuo Umezu _; number O
Comic artist. It was born in 1936. We begin to create comics in fourth graders and, at the age of twelfth grader, make our debut in "another world" "brothers of forest". By hit products such as "snake girl" "nekome boys", it is called "God of horror comics". We win Shogakukan comics prize in "drifting classroom". On the other hand, we show talent of gag in "Makoto". Gag of product Middle, "guwashi" became social phenomenon. Other than KO, "I produce many hit products including Shingo" "O RO THI" "baptism". Other than SO, we are playing an active part as talent, singer, movie director.



□August 9 (Wed) - 15 (Tue)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = Center Park / the stage # 2

Popup shop is opening ahead of "hostess club All-nighter 2017" with urban rock festival "Summer Sonic 2017" held in (Sat), 20 (Sun) on August 19. Chance that can get appearance Aristrist goods, Isetan-limited goods from official goods which were available only in Summer Sonic venue quickly!
It is <Communions> others exhibition Aristrist <FOO FIGHTERS> <The Horrors> <Whitney> <amazarashi> <RIDE> <MAN WITH A MISSION> <Nulbarich>

Hostess club All-nighter T-shirt 3,888 yen (100% Cotton /S - L)

Hostess club All-nighter Tote Bag 2,700 yen (100% polyester /37 *36cm)
※Navy is Isetan comment color

Summer Sonic T-shirt 3,780 yen (100% Cotton /S - L) Isetan-limited design

WHITNEY T-shirt for each 4,104 yen (100% Cotton /S - L)


Free study of breath summer in Isetan

□August 9 (Wed) - 21 (Mon)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 5F = personal room / promotion

Strange net shop <ikimoru> of one of strange breath MO is opened by Isetan. Any “ this? X SU I quality! =Interesting! Goods of strange breath that featured the theme of "flock.

<wisteria I Masayuki> animal classification karuta 2,500 yen (card size: 9.5 X 6.7cm/50 group)


Digital hobby festival

□August 9 (Wed) - 21 (Mon)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Center Park

We feature programming Toy and robot Toy, various digital toys including VR. While adult actually plays, child can experience, too.

<Primo toys> cuvet 31,968 yen (eligible age: 3 years old - / approximately 26*27*15cm/set contents: cuvet (wooden robot), Control Panel world map storybook X for each one, block X 16)


We want to eat even every day!
Curry which is full of variations

After all it is curry to want to eat heat in season of increasing KO. From curry Bakery which we arranged like summer to Indian spicy feast rice, we introduce various curry!

<d'une rarete> summer incense etiquette (Natsu curry) 421 yen (per one)
□Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = Deli et vous orchid Julie

<ittsusandoitchimajikku> colorful vegetable curry 378 yen (per one)
□Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = Deli et vous orchid Julie

<shitara> chicken booby nicotine 432 yen (100 g)
□Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = Deli et vous orchid Julie

※Product image above

<Article 3 spice research institute> yellow curry 1,620 yen (capacity 160 g/ packing nine bags (pounded soybeans, for each 60 g of lentil Xs, dried bonito 8 g, Asaoka specially made curry powder 7 g, dry daikon, dry persimmon, drying edible burdock, drying Termeric, for each 5 g of drying carrot Xs)) of pounded soybeans and dried radish strips containing Article 3 product turmeric tip
□Shinjuku store Main Building B1F = chefs selection