Autumn fashion

August 2, 2017 (Wed) - 15 (Tue)
Isetan Shinjuku store Main building / Men's building = each floor

In this autumn, we are dyed quickly.

Be dressed stylishly elegantly

Shirt dress with a feeling of omission that even utility clothes of cool expression are relaxed and can dress well. We can enjoy waist marking like this year in suede-like Belt of classic atmosphere.

<closing Isetan Mitsu waist> Dress 24,840 yen (outer material, Belt: 100% polyester, lining: 100% cupra /36, 38)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = TOKYO closet / Re-Style TOKYO

ga suitability U classical in chic season

Under the theme of "Renaissance Garden - renaissance garden ...," it is lineup in the latest Collection. Beads embroidery that is art as if we made la France and still-life picture including bee motif is attractive.

<JAMIN PUECH> Handbags 101,520 yen (cotton, goat leather /34 *43*3cm)
■1st floor of the Main Building = Handbags

Quality of autumn drape Skirt which deepens

Rich red such as fruit which is most suitable for autumn accent color. As for the cloth with drape characteristics, feel is fluent, and asymmetric design produces beautiful silhouettes.

<closing Isetan Mitsu waist> Skirt 15,120 yen (outer material: 72% rayon, 28% polyester, lining: 100% cupra /36, 38)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = TOKYO closet / Re-Style TOKYO

We image autumn of delicate, elegant Japan

We introduce new item of "HARVEST SHOW" which expressed natural rich scenery of Japan line ahead of national sale of (Wed) on August 16. Cloth of cotton/hemp images wheat ear with texture print, and leaver lace of simple, elegant floral design is point.

<Langeais leak>
Brassiere 19,440 yen (B C) 19,980 yen (D E)
Panties 10,800 yen (M L)
Nightwear 41,040 yen (M)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 3F = Ma Lingerie

Adult-like autumn gray & mustard

Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited product which corrupted ladies' Collection to kids' size. Chic expression putting adults to shame as for the color-matching of gray Cardigan and sukaucho of mustard. It is good in autumn to deepen.

Sakura Girl
Cardigan 18,360 yen (100% wool /135, 150cm)
sukaucho 17,280 yen (outer material: 63% polyester, 37% wool, lining: 100% cupra /135, 150cm)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = taste full style / Urban-style

Cardigan which is good to accent color

Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited product which corrupted ladies' Collection to kids' size. Semi-long length that Cardigan of stylish impression is outer sense, but is worn. Tender cotton material lets you feel good-quality SA.

<Rita Jeans Tokyo>
Girl Cardigan for each 21,384 yen (100% Cotton /110, 125.140cm)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = taste full style / Urban-style

Beautiful D tale which disorder has

Patchwork-formed D tale which it superimposed scattered parts on to symbolize <KOLOR> of this season. We pursue beauty and elegance that are not completely fixed that restored one of destroyed MO by emergency measure.

<KOLOR> Gentleman
Blouson 93,960 yen (62% nylon, 38% wool /1 - 3)
Sweater 46,440 yen (100% wool /1 - 3)
Boots 66,960 yen (cowhide /26 .5-27.5cm)
■Shinjuku store men building 2F = international Creators Labo

Hue that is recommended smoky in autumn

Maid toe measure Suit to prepare with peace die (anti-dyeing) cloth for Italian <VBC> shrine.
It is atmosphere that is slightly nostalgic by special dyeing that surface hue looks flat. Belt reply and classic specifications including with pleats are recommended in this season.

<tailor Quaid> men's maid toe measure Three-piece Suit 252,720 yen (100% wool)
■Shinjuku store men building 5F = maid toe measure
※Hand over is approximately five weeks later.

New color of comfort light car and NA Nightwear

"Marshmallow gauze" of material realizes lightness and the softness by finishing in combination weaving thread of soft twist and extreme expensive thread to three folds. <TOUCH> original material is comfortable Nightwear.

<TOUCH> Nightwear 24,840 yen (100% Cotton /M, L)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 5F = bed BATH DECOR

Color and print pleasant brightly to color O room

<manno in> is fashion print brand of a lot of senses of fun. It is tough Ted rag of unique design that "bean" of dog gets on "bean". We lead in Isetan Shinjuku and sell collaboration item with Japanese textile creator.

<manno in> mat 30,240 yen (approximately 53*80cm)
■Shinjuku store Main Building 5F = Interior