Seaside D
Lifestyle ... to feel ... sea

July 19, 2017 (Wed) - 24 (Mon)
Ends at 6:00 p.m on the last day

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 7F = Promotional Hall

Time comfortable naturally in coastal living,
It is simple, and do you not adopt refined style in every day?

"PORT OF CALL" <Bankes> <Royall>


Lifestyle shop "PORT OF CALL" of California origin. In wear with feeling of relaxation & natural impression, add feeling that is surf.

Port of corduroy
Gentleman: <Bankes> T-shirt 4,860 yen (product made in 100% Cotton /S - L/ China) Pants 10,584 yen (product made in 51% cotton, 45% nylon, 4% polyurethane /28 - 32/ China)
Ladies': < Royall> Cardigan 7,020 yen (Main part: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, lace product made in 100% Cotton /S, M/ China) Short Pants 6,480 yen (product made in 100% Cotton /S, M/ China):

<epoki> Sunglasses <tea CS S> cup


Accessories which is indispensable to seaside life including Sunglasses and cup is batting order.

Port of corduroy
<epoki> Sunglasses 24,840 yen (product made in China)
<tea CS S> cup for each 1,944 yen (product made in enamel / capacity 300ml/ China) bottle 1,296 yen (Main part: saturated polyester resin, cover splash guard: product made in polypropylene / capacity 500ml/ China)

<THE C closet> One-piece Dress Shoes


Waikiki of Hawaii, select shop of kuhio street. In the way that, in One-piece Dress of off shoulder which is decided smartly even if we put from Swimsuit, we put Pumps of mesh material together and are cool even if we wear with one piece.

<THE C closet> One-piece Dress 16,943 yen (product made in 100% rayon /XS - L/ China) Shoes 32,076 yen (product made in cowhide /36 - 40/ Spain)

<dadizugaru> One-piece Dress

Daddy's girl

As for the One-piece Dress of bright KOLOR which ribbon of sleeve has a cute, photograph brilliancy is perfect, too. We play an active part from beach to O meal at restaurant.

<dadizugaru> One-piece Dress 12,960 yen (linen 100% / adjustable size (9 size equivalency))

<ruga> Blouse Pants

The Beach People

Color that is soft to popular round towel playing an active part as both beach mat and Interior cover and new pattern that hand touch print is pretty are appearances. Even if can carry compactly, and get wet; recommendation in cushion MO of OK!

<the beach people> round towel 17,820 yen (100% Cotton / approximately 150cm in diameter) beach cushion 4,860 yen (100% Cotton / approximately 26*51cm)

<Heather brown gallery> art print diclay print

Heather Brown Gallery

In close friend and paradise to surfing. Color and perfect wave that magic hour weaves what we saw there. Diclay print work "Best Friends" of limited sale in Japan is work about moment to be keenly aware of nature as surfer.

<Heather brown gallery>
(left) Art print "Beach Girl" 6,156 yen (mount size: approximately 28*35.6cm) original frame 15,336 yen (wooden / approximately 40*47cm)
(right) Diclay print "Best Friends" 127,440 yen (canvas / approximately 50.8*50.8cm)

<ruga> Blouse Pants

Heather Brown Gallery

We had many items which colored daily life that corrupted painter who was active based in Hawaiian Oahu north shore, work of Heather brown for art.

<Heather brown gallery>
Clutch Bag 9,936 yen (100% Cotton / approximately 23*31cm) Tote Bag 9,504 yen (100% Cotton / approximately 41*35.5* handle part 23cm) Salon 7,344 yen (100% Cotton / approximately 100*165cm)


<ruga> Blouse Pants

Haleiwa KOPE

Cafe <hareiwakope> from Hawaiian Oahu north shore opens a store. Please enjoy Coffee which is high in flavor using bean which <Coffee Gallery> of Haleiwa roasted between O shopping.

Eat-in Isetan first appearance
<hareiwakope> painappurudorippukope 864 yen (one cup)