Rial Hawaii

... cute delicious Hawaiian now ...

Last day of July 19, 2017 (Wed) - 24 (Mon) 6:00 p.m. end Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall

We are pretty so as to want to take several photographs and are delicious so as to want to come again and again.

"Now" to let make anyone crazy about in Hawaii in Isetan.


Real Hawaiian # day substitute interview

Media coordinator

Kudo MA YA


Valley MA RI A




Naho Tatsumi

<Muses by limo>

Emi pane


Seem to do; RU

<Lee island lifestyle>

Keigo Yoshimoto

<Maui Mali ocean jewelry>

Mali Diller


Hitomi Fukui

Lifestyle planner

Tenement house nagisasan

Guitar & ukulele player

Eden chi

Actress, singer, talent

Moeko Matsushita

and more


Hawaiian residence, Kudo MA YA

"Rial Hawaii" to go round in Hawaii

We read article >


Of "rial Hawaii"

Pretty thing is delicious

Product List of Articles >


By talk show & live

Feel "rial Hawaii"!

We see the details >


Where is brand of A?

We check "rial Hawaii" venue

We look at venue map >


-Ladies' wear

<Muses by limo> <toe THE C> <marina Hawaii> <menefunepuranteshon> <toe Kay> <turquoise> <Lily & Emma>


<Isetan first appearance / bloom> <James after beach club>

-Beach jewelry

<Maui Mali ocean jewelry> <Emily blue>

-Hawaiian jewelry

<Isetan first appearance / Aloalo Produced By Person's>


<green room> <Lauren loss art> <uerujiato>


<rare rare by H.I.S.> <island slippers> <Cameron Hawaii> <Isetan first appearance / janaramu> <a little chat Hawaii> <Isetan first appearance / love Hawaii> <moco Lima Hawaii> <pikkuzahawai> <Hawaiian notebook> <torippubaimaharomoru> <haidorofurasuku> <Isetan first appearance / muumuu heaven>


<Isetan first appearance / heaven Lee island lifestyle> french toast / <chi lure ice cream> ice cream / <Aloha Table> loco Moco / <renazu> marasada / <Isetan first appearance / Waikiki story> pokiboru / <Minato dressing> dressing / <cinnamon> guava saucepan cake / <happy cake> happy cake / <Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade> lemonade / <sweets by Hawaii Ann Hoost> soft serve / <Kauai honey> honey lemon / <blue water shrimp> garlic shrimp / <Manoah chocolate> Hawaiian sea salt / <kona beer> beer / <jobannizu> rice cake flathead Kyn plate / <lion Coffee> Coffee

※There is space that you can have in venue.