Hokkaido exhibition

March 15, 2017 (Wed) - 20 (Mon/holiday)
Ends at 6:00 p.m on the last day
 Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Promotional Hall
Eat-in Opening hours: The last day of from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. end
 Last order each day end 30 minutes ago
Sponsorship: Hokkaido, (no company) Hokkaido trade product promotion meeting, sightseeing in (public corporation) Hokkaido promotion mechanism, Kitami-shi, Kushiro-shi, Nemuro-shi, Monbetsu-shi, Wakkanai-shi support: Tokyo, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Some products are available in WEB or telephone.
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announcer Kiyono keeps talking for one minute!

Fiery zeal live broadcast! Hokkaido exhibition movie

Live broadcast: Shigeki Kiyono SHIGEKI KIYONO
Free-lance announcer. We achieve Shinnihon professional wrestling, WWE, live broadcast of three major major groups of the world of UFC for the first time in history. Anything is good at "special live broadcast" besides to put fruit away.

March 15 (Wed) opening service

※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.

<Sapporo-shi / Kaiko>
Hokkaido salt cod roe Limited to 100 1,080 yen (400 g)

<Nemuro-shi / Fujii>
Hokkaido TOKISHIRAZU salmon cut Limited to 100 1,080 yen (half of the body /1 book)

<Mukawa-cho / kanedai Ono store>
Half-dried chicken male female set 40 sets of limit 1,501 yen (for each ten dado joints)

<Rishirifuji-cho / north seas food product>
Natural seaweed from Rishiri Limited to 100 864 yen (143 g)

<gibier of the Shiranuka-cho / north>
Shiranuka deer man Limited to 100 1,801 yen (frozen /80g *10)
※Use of venison from Shiranuka.

<Sapporo-shi / Sapporo Barnabas Ham>
Fun set 2000 20 sets of limit 2,160 yen (40 g of 160 g of bacon of farmhouse, 100 g of arabiki Turin garfish, 100 g of onion Vienna sausages, 40 g of smoking prosciutto ham slice, smoking student bacon slice)
※It is available with set product besides

We cut off domestic beef raised in northern country 200 points of limit 1,296 yen (250 g)
※Beef is from Hokkaido.

<Sapporo-shi / dream studio>
Softly Limited to 50 1,728 yen (180 g of X 2 cups)

List of exhibition

Stock raising: <Shiraoi-cho / Ushino Sato> <Sapporo-shi / spring snow saburu> <Sapporo-shi / Sapporo Barnabas Ham> <Hakodate-shi / charcoal fire yakiniku spring taste bower> <gibier of the Shiranuka-cho / north> <I's MEAT SELECTION>
Marine products, delicacy, farm output: <Hokuto-shi / Aji no Takumi> <Rishirifuji-cho / north seas food product> <Sapporo-shi / Sato Suisan> <Sapporo-shi / Kaiko> <Nemuro-shi / Fujii> <Kitami-shi / Osawa fisheries> <Mukawa-cho / kanedai Ono store> <Okushiri-gun / sugar ingredients> <in Hakodate-shi / Hakodate U Murakami> <Nanporo-cho / field comfort>
Bakery sweets: <forest fururuburan of Tomakomai-shi / four seasons building> <Otaru-shi / Otaru cake shop Le TAO> <Hakodate-shi / peisutorisunaffurusu> <Sunagawa-shi / Nakaya confectionary> <Sunagawa-shi / honda kakoshi> <Hakodate-shi / mirukisshimo> <Sapporo-shi / dream studio> <Sapporo-shi / patisserie Ange fret> <Sunagawa-shi / Iwase ranch> <Sunagawa-shi / Kitakaro> <Sapporo-shi / Royce> <Obihiro-shi / Rokkatei> <Sapporo-shi / Ishiya Seika> <Chitose-shi /morimoto>
Lunch, Prepared foods: <Sapporo-shi / North Sea studio> <meat bal meat gang of Sapporo-shi / butcher shop> <Sapporo-shi / beef just THI bloom> <Mori-machi / I or meal Abe store> <TO shop named Otaru-shi /> <Sapporo-shi / Hotei> <Setana-cho / circle KE rock> <Hakodate-shi / friend honor Ota kamaboko>
Grocery <Otaru-shi / Odaka enzyme> <Kitami-shi / Kitami peppermint commerce> <Akaigawa-mura / Alice farm> <sightseeing in Sapporo-shi / Hokkaido product interest company> <Hakodate-shi / south kayabe fishermen's cooperative association> <select shop Fromage Dole> <Hakodate-shi / sanchochotanikawashoten> <shop of Otaru-shi / tree> <Makubetsu-cho / ambition> <Sapporo-shi /RITARU COFFEE> <Sapporo-shi /TKS tanguron>
bal: <Kameda-gun / Onuma beer> <Abashiri-shi / Abashiri beer>
Eat-In  <Sapporo-shi / sushitokoryubin> <Sapporo-shi / *ra*> <die Sapporo-shi / MI> <Toyotomi-cho / Kawashima inn> <Sapporo-shi / Mel cart de Sapporo>
<Toyako-cho /gla_gla> <Sapporo-shi / wisdom sargasso> <Sapporo-shi / sabondeshiesuta> <Sapporo-shi /upas> <Sapporo-shi / rubber cast Hirota> <Otaru-shi / giant skunk cabbage> <Hakodate-shi /OZIO> <the Chitose-shi / Hokkaido pure horse oil main office> <Asahikawa-shi / stray cat hattery> <brook of Monbetsu-shi / mink> <Sapporo-shi /i.d.o> <Otaru-shi / dyeing and weaving atelier Kazu> <Otaru-shi / Fine craft>
※By circumstances such as weather production center change may not be received. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
※Material of artefact may use material except Hokkaido product.
※Product image above Also the pictures are used for serving suggestion.
※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer. ※O hold is do not accept.
Application on the Internet
Acceptance period: March 10 (Fri) 10 a.m. - 22 (Wed) 10 a.m. ONLINE STORE 
Application in telephone
Acceptance period: March 10 (Fri) - 21 (Tue) from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Toll free number 0120-113-113
Application method / It is ① order number in telephone: Please order 000-00000 ② O phone number ③ name ④ address ⑤ credit card number, expiration date.
※Payment should be Isetan I card, Varieties credit card.
※I would like order from card holder of a title deed. Please note that you cannot accept cancellation, change, refund after order.
※On O delivery date, it is around 1-2 weeks. We cannot accept designation in date, time.
※We cannot accept gift packing. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
※As amount includes limit, forgive on out of stock.
※There is product to send via Isetan from Hokkaido.
※We charge the postage separately. [at normal temperature: 324 yen, cold storage freezing: 540 yen]
※For more details, please contact person in charge.