January 18, 2017 (Wed) February 14 (Tue)
Isetan Shinjuku store Main building / Men's building = each floor

Collaboration Collection with painter Jean = Michel Basquiat. Mixed style of feminine X street art is excellent at attention degree.

<Alice and Olivia>
Blouse 63,720 yen (silk 100% /XS, S)
Skirt 63,720 yen (95% cotton, 5% polyurethane /XS, S)
Clutch Bag 63,720 yen (sheep leather /13 *19*4cm)
Shoes 63,720 yen

[all January 25 (Wed) Sale]

alice + olivia X Basquiat POP UP EVENT
January 25 (Wed) - 31 (Tue)

■ Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = Center Park / the stage # 2

Stole of <misha> characterized by good-quality structure that we learned from traditional technique of the India Kashmir district. Beauty of colored pattern to be impressive, and to finish the clothing and bold design are attractive.

Stole 34,560 yen (60% cotton, silk 40% / approximately 100*200cm)

■ Ladies' Accessories= 1st floor of the Main Building / Stole

Mitsukoshi Isetan original brand <number twenty one> and factory of Italy are collaboration. It is the right side and the wrong side, and parts of both sides that we can remove with snap button are different in print and can enjoy change of expression.

<number twenty one VIA REPUBBLICA>
Handbags 43,200 yen (/24 *20*10cm made in Italy)
Mitsukoshi Isetan exclusive

■ 1st floor of the Main Building = Handbags

Dress of Mimosa print that is nostalgic like finished in refined face of utility clothes. It is new item of well-established maison <Vionnet> which designer, Madeleine Vionnet called "Queen of BIAS cut" established.

Dress 230,040 yen (95% cotton, 3% polyurethane, silk 2% /38, 40)

■ Shinjuku store Main Building 4F = international luxury WEST

Concept of this season "70' s." We only wear Sneakers which treated embroidery and star motif of floral design that flower children symbolize and seem to feel happy.

Ladies' Sneakers
The top: 27,000 yen (cowhide /35 - 39)
(middle) 25,920 yen (canvas /35 - 39)
Bottom: 21,600 yen (canvas /35 - 39)

[all February 1 (Wed) Sale]

■ Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = Ladies' Shoes

We give original diary to the first 30 people of purchase in Sneakers of <ASH>.

Junko Sakayori of patterner native place deals with design <sakayori>. Affinity to like item that femininity is fragrant in acumen slightly with any styling.

Blouse 28,080 yen (65% of acetate, 35% polyester /36, 38)
Pants 23,760 yen (65% of acetate, 35% polyester /36, 38)

■ Shinjuku store Main Building 2F = TOKYO closet / Re-Style TOKYO

Eye shadow that exquisite gradation produces three-dimensional impressions. Lipstick coloring lips vividly, teak color which blushes. Inspire SA RE TA is pretty, and enjoy so々 and KOLOR make that you did to flowers of Japanese taste quickly.

Designing KOLOR I a. (05 *shizuku) b. (02 light light) For each 7,344 yen
Pure KOLOR BRUSH (06 spring violets) c. 5,940 yen
Extra glow lipstick d. (12 lily sour orange) e. (13 *azami) f. (11 bloom Japanese sunflowers) For each 4,320 yen

[all January 11 (Wed) Pre-sale at Isetan Shinjuku Store

■ 1st floor of the Main Building = Cosmetics


"Added, HI and twist are matching"; of popularity for moms by design <pirukku>. Brand name keeps dot print item that both boy and girl are worn in meaning of "dot" in Finnish.

It is Rompers from Left 7,560 yen (100% Cotton /70, 80cm)
Stai For each 2,160 yen (Main part: 100% Cotton, lining (pile): 76% cotton, 24% polyester)
Girl T-shirt From 5,616 yen (100% Cotton /100 - 130cm)
Boy T-shirt From 5,616 yen (100% Cotton /100 - 130cm)

■ Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = taste full style

In Collection which crossed camouflage print to symbolize <SOPHNET.> in Blouson “Roadmaster” of wax cotton which represented <BELSTAFF>, and fused in classical music and street culture attention.

Men's Hoodie 30,240 yen (100% Cotton /XS - 3XL)
Men's Blouson 127,440 yen (100% Cotton /44 - 54)
Men's Sneakers 37,800 yen (Main part: cowhide, change part: 100% nylon /40 - 44)

[all January 25 (Wed) Sale]

BELSTAFF X SOPHNET. CAPSEL Collection promotion
January 25 (Wed) - 31 (Tue)

■ Shinjuku store men building 6F = contemporary casual

Lineup that overflowed in beautiful ME including Shirt which put cutwork for set up and neckband and the relaxation mood of motif Asian as for the Collection which charmed with color palette like brand in the spring and summer.

Men's Jacket 82,080 yen (100% polyester /1 - 3)
Men's Shirt 35,640 yen (100% Cotton /1 - 3)
Men's Short Pants 57,240 yen (100% polyester /1 - 3)
Men's sandal 95,040 yen (cowhide /25 .5-27.5cm)

January 25 (Wed) - 31 (Tue)

■ Shinjuku store men building 2F = international Creators Labo