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※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer.
※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.


Comforter cover limited to 30 18,144 yen (100% Cotton /150 *210cm) ※There are double size (21,924 yen), queen size (23,436 yen), too.
Pillow case limited to 50 3,024 yen (100% Cotton /45 *65cm)
□Yeast park

<Tokyo Nishikawa> feather comforter
15 points of limits 54,000 yen (side place: 100% Cotton, filling: use of 90% down, 10% feather (Ukraine product silver goose down), 1.2kg/150 *210cm) ※There is double size (81,000 yen), too.

<Nishikawa Interior> new Mayer blanket
Limited to 50 in total For each 10,800 yen (all two colors of / pile thread (fuzz part): 100% acrylic, homespun thread: 100% polyester /140 *200cm)

<Nishikawa Interior> pad with acrylic floor
60 points of limits in total For each 8,424 yen (/100 *205cm all two colors of / outer material: [pile] 100% acrylic, [homespun thread] 100% polyester, lining: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, filling: belonging to 100% polyester, back side four corners rubber) ※There are semi-double (9,504 yen), double (10,584 yen), the queen (only as for 11,664 yen / beige), too.

<Kyoto Nishikawa> cashmere blanket (fuzz part)
limited to 30 32,400 yen (wide thread (fuzz part): cashmere 100%, length thread: 100% wool /140 *200cm)


<isso ekko>
Domestic bath towel 450 points of limits in total 2,160 yen (all three colors of / 100% Cotton / approximately 70*140cm)
Domestic face towel 900 points of limits in total For each 756 yen (all three colors of / 100% Cotton / approximately 34*80cm)
□Center Park

Restroom mat 80 points of limits in total 4,860 yen (all two colors of / 100% acrylic / approximately 70*70cm)
Cover cover for cleaning heating 35 points of limits in total 2,592 yen (all two colors of / 100% acrylic)
□Bath powder room


Persia carpet Varieties Limited to 5 194,400 yen (silk 100% / approximately 60*90cm)
□Living room / carpet
※Picture item is the only stock available in the shop.

Persia carpet Varieties Limited to 5 270,000 yen (100% wool / approximately 130*200cm)
□Living room / carpet
※Picture item is the only stock available in the shop.

Room Shoes 180 points of limits in total For each 2,700 yen (polyester blend / wine: Ladies' M L, charcoal: gentleman M L)


Perfect grill Bakery 24cm limited to 30 8,640 yen /IH correspondence with (Main part: stainless steel (fluoric resin processing) / glass lid, grill press thong)
□Kitchen dining / Kitchen Equipment

Ceramic classical music frying pan
20cm in diameter: limited to 30 10,368 yen
24cm in diameter: limited to 30 11,232 yen
26cm in diameter: limited to 30 12,096 yen
(Main part: aluminum (ceramic coating) / GAS fire correspondence)
□Kitchen dining / Kitchen Equipment

<Le Creuset> cocotte rondo
16cm/ Barthes blue: Limited to 10 16,632 yen
20cm/ cassis: Limited to 10 22,680 yen
(casting enamel /IH correspondence)
□Kitchen dining / Kitchen Equipment

<biTaku Raft>
Pressure cooker special set Ten sets of limits 21,600 yen (set contents: pressure cooker 3.5L, frying pan 20cm, glass lid for pressure cooker, clean King liquid)
□Kitchen dining / Kitchen Equipment

<Nihonbashi KIYA>
kamakatakuriyacho** limited to 30 16,200 yen (blade part: supermarket gold II steel / length of a blade: approximately 17.5cm)
□Kitchen dining / Kitchen Equipment

<Echizen coat>
Soup bowl ancient vermilion, mokujiryo For each 25 points of limits For each 8,100 yen (tree (zelkova), lacquer painting / about diameter 11 X 6.8cm in height)
Blue-sea dance Japanese taste papering luncheon mat Limited to 10 16,200 yen (tree makeup plywood, lacquer painting / approximately 45*33cm)
□Kitchen dining

Special plan product

<Okura Sue garden> blue Rose Morning pair set
50 sets of limits Special price 14,040 yen (porcelain / cup X 2: about diameter 9 X 7cm in height, approximately 285 ml in capacity, saucer X 2: approximately 15cm in diameter, plate X 2: approximately 15cm in diameter)
□Kitchen dining / Western dishes

<IDS> Special plan

※We show O estimate amount of money after visiting home, and having done field work.
※In the case of distant place, expense may incur separately.
※Eligible area: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama (insular part, the mountains are excluded)
※Product image above

<Nippon Paint> outer wall, the roof painting
Limited to 10 1,080,000 yen (model plan estimates (ceiling including outer wall and roof painting (*netsu silicon system painting) / total of floor space 30 tsubo, the mortar 2 stories house / place behind the eaves painting, bargeboard painting, eaves trough painting separately)) ※Industrial waste processing costs distinction
□IDS (interior design service)

<NORITZ> hot water supply device exchange pack
Limited to 10 297,000 yen (it includes) GT-C2452AWX-2BL/ standard installation construction cost with eco-JOE'S (24 size family type remote control) ※Construction cost may be caused by the situation separately.
□IDS (interior design service)

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