Food sale

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building B1F = food

※Depending on how busy things are, a product that is indicated as "limited quantity" may be limited to one per customer.
※Number of the availability is limited in quantities, please note that some of the items may be sold out quickly.
※When production center of product is changed by circumstances such as weather or there may not be the arrival.
※Drinking of one younger than 20 years is prohibited by law.

Wine one piece of article sale
From 1,620 yen (each other / 750ml/1 book made in France Italy)
□Grande Cave

<Maison Kayser> each day 30 sets limit Bakery set
1,080 yen (with baguette, croissant, the Mende, Bakery of fig, tea butter X for each one / five of longevity grass in total set content)
□Deli et Boulangerie

11 (Wed) limit

<I's Meat Selection> cut off domestic Japanese black beef
Per person limited to 2 /200 point limit 1,512 yen (300 g)
□Fresh Market

<Uosei> Marine products special set
Per person two sets limit /300 set is only for 2,160 yen (two pieces of truth taste difference, kinmedai cut open and dried two pieces, running out of sockeye slice 2, Karashi Mentaiko (rose child) 250 g, dried whitebait 50 g, running out of soaked in mackerel west Kyoto 2, Ika-shiokara 80 g) ※Salmon is from Russia, and or, as for the cod roe, product in Russia is from the United States, and mackerel is from Norway.
□Fresh Market

<HEDIARD> Bakery set
100 sets of limits 1,620 yen (set contents: panofuryui 1/2 unit, macaron de Amiens 12, chiffon cake one of the tea, shoson pomme one, pampeizannu one)
□Plats d'epicerie

14 (Sat) limit

<sushi Avenue K' s> California ROLL
200 points of limits 216 yen (nothing)
□U no Zen

A MA O U one set 2 pack from Fukuoka
Class per person two sets limit /200 limit 1,080 yen (approximately 230 g of X 2)
□Fresh Market
※Product image above

15 (Sun) limit

<Ito Washigoro Shoten Torisanwa> Yakitori set
Per person two sets limit /100 set is only for 1,080 yen (8 Motoiri)
□U no Zen

<WORLD MEAT BAR NISSHIN> ham sausage special set
150 sets of limits 2,160 yen (180 g of boneless ham, areban Vienna sausage 108 g, bacon 194 g, Shinken Ull strike 74 g, Bismarck brown 180 g)
□Fresh Market