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In childcare which used "kokoikubebipaku" where professional took O child on September 19 on (Tue) - October 3 during period of (Tue) again and again COMMUNITY space (each day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Only parent and child classroom member can usually take advantage of time. We give Passport which O child can play, and it is eating and drinking possible space to be able to do, and break can use) for.

□Time: From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (last reception desk 3:00 p.m.)
□Eligible: Six months ... 2 years old
□Fee (/1 time per one O child): (0 years old) 4,320 yen, (1 year old) 3,780 yen, (2 years old) 3,240 yen
For more details, please refer to Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = Center Park / kokoikupaku.
Tel: 03(3225) 2728 (Direct Tel. No.)
□Isetan hall 5F = MANA biI / kokoiku

Aristocrat Kids

We give original teddy bear to the first five people who had you order <Aristocrat Kids>.
※Teddy bear cannot choose color with assortment. ※We put initial you like and, with ordered O clothes, send. ※Teddy bear is for 6 years old or more for admiration use.


□September 20 (Wed) -25 days (Mon)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 6F = WEST park / the stage # 6
We introduce Dress of luxury brand, <Aristocrat Kids> and <The Small Gatsby> of the first landing in Japan.

Ancient and modern times sambi

<the ancient and modern times> We give Japanese towel to the first 30 people of purchase more than 10,800 yen with product of <sambi>.
※There is product excluding partly. For the datails please ask sales staff.

<the ancient and modern times> Haori 75,600 yen (outer material: silk 100%, lining: 100% cupra)
<the ancient and modern times> 51,840 yen (100% polyester) of newly made silk KI
<sambi> Nagoya style sash 73,440 yen (silk, other fiber)
※The other items are not available.

Autumn shirukkufea
□September 27 (Wed) -10 24 days a month (Tue)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Kimono / kimono word
We introduce silk kimono which we can wash easily at home while having silky luster, texture.

Kanda butterfly

By "autumn dress Japanese sandals, Bag fair," we give sandal thong stopper to 50 first arrival of purchase more than 10,800 yen with product of <Kanda butterfly>.

<Kanda butterfly>
Dress Bag 51,840 yen
Japanese sandals 28,080 yen

Autumn dress Japanese sandals, Bag fair
□September 20 (Wed) -10 three days a month (Tue)
□Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Kimono / kimono accessories Accessories
Toward autumn wedding ceremony season, we introduce dress Japanese sandals, Bag to richness.

Japanese paper versing paper

We give Japanese paper versing paper (Eyeglasses cleaner) that the first 30 people of purchase can wipe Eyeglasses more than 47,520 yen with lenses of <Zeiss>.
□Shinjuku store Main Building 7F = Optical Goods

Preserved Flower Show Tostem Rose

We give preserved Flower Show Tostem Rose to the first 50 people of purchase more than 5,400 yen in <Daiichi Seed>.
□Park city 3 1F = Daiichi Seed


<Hakuyosha> We give fashion cover set (X for each one for Suit for Coat) to the first 50 people using 5,400 yen or more by cleaning in this.
□Isetan hall 2F = cleaning "Hakuyosha"